Broumov key

20th - 22nd April 2018

8th year of an International competition for young pianists

Česky     Polski

In collaboration with Department of Music Education of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague 

Ivo Kahánek
Concert pianist and pedagogue of HAMU (Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague


Age categories

1st category

11 years or younger:

Time limit of 5 - 10 minutes

2nd category

12 and 13 years:

Time limit of 10 - 15 minutes

3rd category

14 and 15 years:

Time limit of 15 - 20 minutes

4th category

16 and 17 years:

Time limit of 20 - 25 minutes


Dates of categories

5th May 2017: 16 - 17 years
6th May 2017: up to 11 years /
  12 - 13 years
7th May 2017: 14 - 15 years


Registration Fee

1st + 2nd category


To be paid until the 20th March:

550 CZK

To be paid until the 21th April:

750 CZK


3rd + 4th category


To be paid until the 20th March:

790 CZK

To be paid until the 21th April:

990 CZK


Repertoire of the competition

At least 1 piano piece from the Baroque or Classical Era, at least 1 piano piece from the Romantic Era or a piano piece composed after 1900.


Cash prizes in the amount of 33 000 CZK for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions of the categories.

Deadline for applications

Friday 21st April 2017 (included).



Mgr. Jan Simon (CZ)

Concert pianist, Executive Director  of the Intergram z.s.

MgA. David Mareček Ph.D (CZ)

Executive Director of the Czech Philharmonic, pedagogue of the Brno Conservatoire

MgA. Milan Langer (CZ)

Concert pianist and head of the Piano Department of the Prague Conservatoire 

Marina Samson - Moussu​ (FR/RU)

Concert pianist, pedagogue of the Schola Cantorum Paris

Doc. MgA. Eliška Novotná 
Concert pianist, pedagogue of the University Of Ostrava

prof. Boris Kraljević (SG/ME)

Concert pianist

Constitution of the jury to be added.

Schedule of the competition:

Results of the Broumov Key 2017:


Past years winners

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Technical and administrative inquiries:

Tereza Kramplová -

Phone number: +420 731 481 309


Questions about repertoire list:

MgA. Ivo Kahánek Ph. D., The director of the Broumov Key

Tel: +420 602 708 949


Place of the competition:

Educational and cultural centre Broumov Monastery

Klášterní 1,

550 01 Broumov, Czech republic